Monday, February 2, 2009

Love It to Pieces

LOVE LOVE. Here are some things that I just love to pieces:

1. My No. 7 Boots make-up from Target

There are some things in life that you need to feel free to splurge on. One of those things is make-up. But really, this make-up isn't too expensive. I stocked up on it a few years ago and spent only $100 for everything. Not too bad. Anywho, it is super easy to pick out your color ... either fair, medium or dark. I am obviously fair. It feels good on. Not too cakey ... just light but good coverage. Just real nice stuff. Love it to pieces.

2. My van

I really wish I could be like the cool people and not drive a mini-van but one of those cool SUV type vehicles. But I am in my thirties now. Cool is not on my radar ... practicality is. So I drive a 2006 Pontiac van-a-something.

How great is it to push a button and the door opens ready for loading of my peeps and stuff ... SO GREAT.

How great is it to be able to load one of those infant bucket car seats with ease while standing on my own two feet ... SO GREAT.

How great is it to get in the backseat without climbing over seats and disrupting the car seat-dom that is my backseat ... SO GREAT.

It has the DVD player built in, which most vehicles have, that is operating most of the time for the little Miss that just cannot stand being strapped in for more than 2 minutes.

And, just think ... it will all be paid for in just 3 and a half more years ... sigh. Anyway, love it to pieces.

3. My wipes warmer

But not because I warm the store-bought wipes. Little Miss is a bit sensitive when it comes to her skin (a curse, I mean trait she inherited from me). I came to that realization at her one month check-up when her doctor told me that she had a diaper rash and I replied ...

"You mean that newborn bottoms aren't supposed to be red like that?"

Sigh ... such an idiot.

Anywho, from that point forward, no store bought wipe would touch her tushy on a regular basis, sensitive or regular. It would be only wet washcloths ... warmed to a comfortable temperature in the wipes warmer. Some people add a little baby soap and baby oil. I just add water to the folded in half washcloths and use them that way. Too nervous to add anything to them ... it might cause another rash. I do use the store-bought for out and about, but we are not out too long for the most part, so they get used few and far between. Plus, her little bummer ALWAYS at ALL times has a protective layer of the best diaper cream in the world on it.

Which brings me to my next item ...

4. Triple Paste diaper cream

One of my GFs introduced me to this product after little Miss had come down with another wonderfully blistering diaper rash. It is very expensive and I make a special trip to CVS for it. But the $20 a month investment in a tub of it keeps her sweet little precious fanny rash free at all times. Since I have started using it about 6 months ago ... no rashes (well except for this past week while she has been antibiotics).

And, it is just a good idea to always have diaper cream on our babies' fannies. I don't feel so bad now for my ridiculous comment about her bummer that I made when she was 1 month old to the dreamy Doc Jones (always have had a crush on the pediatrician, even when he was my doc), because now I get kudos when I take her in for her check-ups.

"Love to see parents that keep diaper cream on their kids. Wish more would do that."

Score one for The Mom! Go Kim. Go Kim. It is nice to be ahead of the class for once.

I digress. Love Triple Paste to pieces.

5. Diet Dr Pepper

All the taste of Dr. Pepper, but without the calories. Love it to pieces.

6. My Summer video baby monitor

Got this as a gift from Gigi and Pops right before little Miss was born. The camera hangs above her bed and I can see and hear all the goings on in her crib. Made the transition to crib in room at 3 months old sooooo much easier. A bit of an investment, but so worth it. Love it to pieces.

7. Kohl's

Got my Kohl's card ... get the coupons. Shop for everyone and don't pay as much. The selection is a bit overwhelming, but if I organize my list and only shop for the items we need, then it tames it down a bit. Love the clearance racks the best. Mom always taught me to shop there FIRST! Love it to pieces.

Not as much as Mervyn's, but we just won't go there today ... ok.

8. The Gosselins and the Duggars

I don't miss an episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight or 17 Kids and Counting. Why? First, because they are fellow believers. I will always support my fellow believers who have an opportunity to share Christ to the world by any means that the Lord gives them. Second, they are just so fascinating. I never pretend to be in their shoes. I wouldn't dare. I cannot imagine. I do enjoy their families and their pursuit to raise their children in Christian homes in our current perverse and depraved world. They have strong convictions, which is so refreshing, and such order to their lives admist all the chaos. Besides, it is just fun to watch. Love them to pieces.

9. My DVR

Thank you thank you very smart nerdy computer TV inventive people. This is the only way I would get to watch any TV at all. Now, I am not a huge TV watcher. Carey and I only have a handful of shows we watch. The two mentioned previous (however, for the record, Carey does not under any circumstance watch those two shows), The Unit, Army Wives (Carey doesn't watch this one either), House, NCIS, Chuck, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Heroes, Smallville, Monk, Psych, Battlestar Galactica, Burn Notice ... I think that is it. Seems like alot, but the seasons are so scattered, that we might watch 3 or 4 of these a week. Not too much wasted time.

But even less wasted time with the DVR. No commercials, can pause and rewind with ease, can watch anytime ... later that evening, the next morning, the middle of the night. Plus it will hold all the Veggie Tales, Star Wars Clone Wars and Diego cartoons that you want. Love it to pieces.

Oh, and Lost.

And Law & Order: Criminal Intent, too.

10. My fuzzy slippers

I don't like to wear shoes, but I am not a fan of bare feet (except for in the summer of course). So, I wear my $6 fuzzy slippers from Wal-mart at all times while at home and even in the car if I know that I will not be getting out (like when I take Riley to and from school or for the occasional Sonic run with Victoria). Right now they are green, because my other ones died during December. I replaced with a festive color. They typically last about 4 months and then fall apart due to multiple washes in the washing machine. Love them to pieces.


Kippy said...

Love this Kim! I may have do blog this too. And seriously, are we the same person because most of those I love to pieces too!

Anjolee said...

Okay, I think you have put me on the path to saving my little boy's raw hiney. I just sent my mom out for the tripple paste and I am going to go cut up some baby rags for the wipes warmer. Thank you!

Anjolee said...

triple...i noticed i misspelled it and my crazy personality made me post again.