Monday, October 29, 2007

Trunk or Treat

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Well, I am exhausted. We went for a Star Wars theme this year on the trunk and the costumes. We had an absolute blast. Even though Miss Victoria was by far the cutest little one there and I did spend hours and hours on our costumes, we did not walk away with any costume prize. BUT, we did walk away with 2nd runner-up for best trunk (which I guess is really 3rd place, right?). Anyway, it was too much fun. Riley had a blast going from trunk to trunk wearing his Obi Wan Kanobi costume and Victoria made everyone just grin from ear to ear! And yes, she did keep the head band on all evening.

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Three generations of Princess Leias.

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Watch out ... she is armed!

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The Trunk

Friday, October 19, 2007

Fall is Finally Here!

We are just so excited around here that fall has arrived! Fall means more time to play outside, fun things like Halloween, Thanksgiving and getting ready for Victoria's first Christmas, and of course, wearing all our fall clothes! However, fall also brings yucky sicky germs, which we all had the privilege of getting this past week. A horrible stomach virus hit us all starting with Victoria on Sunday and ending with Carey on Wednesday. No fun at all! I quarantined the kiddos and myself for 4 days in hopes that we wouldn't get anyone else sick ... so sorry Maurice family :(. But we are all better and ready to return to the land of the living! Riley just couldn't wait to get out of the house this morning to go to school!

Victoria is 7 months old. I just can't believe how fast it is all going by. She is trying her best to become more mobile. She has just about mastered the sitting up thing. Now she just launches herself from side to side and roll like a champ. She is still not too happy on her belly, so crawling is still a little far off. She is still just smiles all the time. It was such a bummer when she was sick earlier this week. We didn't see a smile out of her for almost a day ... too weird! She is still loving the swing, being outside, being carried around by Momma, but most of all, she loves to watch Riley do anything and everything. She is just mesmerized by him!

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Sneaking a lick of ice cream with Daddy. Needless to say,
she didn't think much of the green beans and sweet potatoes later that evening.

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Ready to eat lunch with
Big Brother "Riley Garner Thompson Master Jedi Night Skywalker"

We are so very sad to say that Carey lost his grandmother a couple of weeks ago. We were so glad that the Lord did take her quickly after her stroke, but are going to miss her deeply. She was a precious lady and absolutely adored Carey. We are just resting in our faith that she is pain free and in the presence of our Saviour and loved ones now.