Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Little Man is 5!!

I can't believe it is here! Our Riley guy turned five this past Sunday. I know everyone says this, but it really does just fly by. We started off the weekend with a friend party at Jumping Party of Fort Worth. So much fun!! Riley had a blast. It was a pirate party with eye patches, swords and all, and Riley was saying "Arrr-bee-dar" all day (the rest of us now say it all the time, too).Then we had the family party at Pops and Gigi's that night. Also so much fun. Then Sunday the big birth day, he wore his "I am 5 today" ribbon and had cupcakes in Sunday School and then we took him out for lunch. Then Monday at school, he wore his badge again and had cookies with his school friends. I believe that Happy Birthday was sung to him 6 times (not including the times he sang it to himself). Now he tells everyone that he isn't four anymore. He is very proud to be five.

So, at age 5 Riley LOVES his little sister, grilled cheese sandwiches, answering the phone (so beware if you call us), playing with his oh so many toys of all kinds, candy, getting out of bed in the morning, white cherry slurpees with two straws, going swimming, pancakes, playing video games with Daddy, making people laugh, going to Wal-mart, all the Star Wars movies, going to school and church, singing and dancing. He is not fond of grown-ups talking on the phone for SO long, meat, getting his hair washed, going to bed, Victoria taking long naps (but Mommy loves that!), Daddy and Gigi going to work everyday, orange juice, not being able to find something (just like his Daddy), and writing his name with upper AND lower case letter (prefers just using all uppercase).
Riley is just a joy-filled little boy that everything is so much fun when he is around. That is one of my most favorite things about him. The Lord has blessed him with a joy-filled spirit. Thank you God so much for that! He is such a treasure. I hate to see him grow-up so fast, but I am excited about the man he will become. I continually pray for his salvation, his bride-to-be and for God to give Carey and me wisdom on raising him into the man God would want him to be.

Reading the paper just like he sees Pops doing.


The kids went to their first rodeo. Of course, the night we went it was about 20 degrees outside and sleeting when we were trying to find a parking place, but we still enjoyed ourselves. We did the midway (cheesy carnival rides and all), had a corny dog, Riley rode a pony and then off to find our seats at the rodeo. Once we found our seats and had all our rodeo snacks, Riley asked "Are we going to get to ride a horse?" I told him no, we are gong to watch cowboys ride horses. His response was, "Why are we going to do that? I want to go home." Not sure if he or Carey enjoyed any of it except for the cotton candy and popcorn, but Victoria and I had a good time!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Tearful Farewell

Well, on Saturday we say goodbye to a house that we have called home for almost 3 years now. But we will also say a tearful farewell to something that is very near and dear to our hearts. Something that not only has brought us closer together as a family (both near and far) but also creates a harmony in this household that is not easily replaced. We say goodbye to ... high speed internet. Yes the rumors are true. There are people, good people out there that still have to suffer with dial-up and my parents are one of them. OH THE HORROR OF IT ALL!!

Some of our younger readers may not even know what "dial-up" is. Let me just say that it is the "stone knives and bearskins" way of accessing the internet. It will be difficult without our beloved high speed internet access, but as I hug my cable modem, I remember that we are a strong family and have gone through rougher things than this (although nothing comes to mind).

So, I said all that to say that the blog may not be updated as frequently as I or you would like, but please bear with us in this unfortunate time. We will eventually find a new home and have our high speed back. And who knows, perhaps an internet carrier could introduce the hidden part of Hidden Valley Dr. in Aledo to the high-speed world. Miracles do happen.