Friday, February 29, 2008


So, I know it has been FOREVER since I posted last, but as mentioned before, we are without high-speed internet for time being. I have a small window of time to update everyone on what has been going on.

Carey took the bar this week. Thank you so much to everyone that was praying for him. Now we wait until May for the results. Glad to have that behind us!

Pray for Riley, he has an appointment with the Pediatric Cardiologist next week. He has been experiencing some chest pains with prolonged physical activity. We are praying for a good report and that he can resume to being a VERY active 5 year old. We will keep you posted on that.

We have decided to build a home in Saginaw (just north of Fort Worth, off of Business 287). We are SO very excited about this. We have labored in pray and physically on where to move our family to. The Lord has guided us along the way with some very loud and definite NOs and we finally heard a YES. It is going to be a bit more house than we need, but that is what you want. It is two story, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage. It has a study, living room, dining area, kitchen, LARGE walk-in pantry and utility room and half bath down stairs. The upstairs has all the bedrooms and the other two bathrooms. There is a sitting area in the master bedroom (too cool) and a masterbath the size of a bedroom (awesome)! The kids rooms are big with walk-in closets (YAHOO)!! Anyway, we are just in awe of the home. They are practically giving it away. Tell you what, now is the time to build. The builders, especially in that area, are offering tremendous incentives and the fed will be lowering interest rates again next month ... too cool!! Anyway, we will try to post pictures of the building process once it starts. We will be set to move-in probably in mid to late summer.

Victoria is almost 1 year old ... WOW!! She is developing quite the vocabulary ... Momma, WIWEE (Riley - only says it with extreme enthusiasm), Dadda, Gigi, Pa (for Pops), ball, look, up there, juice (kinda makes a tongue sucking noise for that), and of course every toy with wheels comes complete with the motor noise. Ther is also the sounds of babble in which she is carrying on a conversation, we just have no idea what she is saying. Too cute!!

So sorry no pictures on this post. I will try to post some soon ... no promises!