Thursday, May 20, 2010

Third Trimester BABEE!!

I did it ... I made it to the third trimester! This pregnancy seems to be going by at a snails pace. Not sure if it is because I am not working or just because I cannot wait to see this little one, but it seems to have taken FOREVER to get to this point.

I had Riley take this picture the other day. I guess this would be my 6th month picture.

Feeling pretty good right now. I had a few rough days of not getting sleep, but this past week has been great! I am really starting to get an appetite now. So far I have gained 20 pounds ... not too bad. I am just crazy for my Frosted Flakes every night before I go to bed. I also am just loving cream cheese! I put it on EVERYTHING ... graham crackers, melba toast, mini bagels, crackers ... I can't get enough of the stuff. Besides that, I am just wanting cold things ... fruit, raw veggies, salads, sandwiches.

The baby is moving like crazy ... which is so great, except at 11PM, 2AM, 5AM. I just don't remember Riley and Victoria moving so much at night. I really don't remember them moving quite as much as this one does. They did the little bumps and thumps. This one does rolls and jiggles. Kinda neat. Both of the kids felt the baby move the other day. I think it really took Victoria by surprise. She had her hand on my belly, felt the little jolt, gasped and then buried her head in the bed ... freaked her out a bit.

We still haven't totally decided on names yet. We have a boy and girl named picked out, but I am not totally in love with them. So, the name game continues. Am hoping to have the names for sure picked out by the time school is out ... I do better with deadlines.