Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Wanna Go!!

Those were my exact words when Carey told me that the scouts would be taking a tour of the NBC5 news studio. This is the news channel that I grew up watching ... Harold Taft showing us the weather and Santa coming into Fort Worth on the radar on Christmas Eve. There was also the Children's Hour on Sunday morning with the guy who would read the comics from the Star Telegram. Who could forget the advertising campaign in the early 90's of "Let's JAM" with Jane and Mike on the evening news. I am such a huge fan! I just had to go! So, it was a family outing for us.

The scouts doing their salute. Little Miss right there behind Riley doing her salute.

Riley and his buddy, Joseph, in the news room. I would like to say that they were listening intently to our tour guide, but there were about 20 TVs in this room, so I do believe that they were just watching TV.

In the studio behind the news anchor desk. The scouts were instructed not to touch the desk, because little fingerprints show up in HD. I am sure the temptation was just overwhelming. I was a bit busy at this point trying to keep Victoria from climbing and crawling all over the studio set.

I do believe this was the best part by far ... in front of the green screen with the 5-day forecast and being able to see themselves on TV. Very cool. They couldn't contain themselves.

Riley had a good time, but Carey and I by far had the best time. It was really kinda neat to see how they do everything. All the cameras are controlled by computers, so there aren't cameramen anymore. The studio just has the anchors and one other person to give them there prompts. Most of the work is done in a room with many monitors and computers and chairs and wires and switches and glass walls. We were there around 7PM and the place was just about empty. That surprised me. I thought they would all be running about getting news stories and preparing for the 10PM news. Nope. Almost all of them went home except for about 5 people in the news room that were leisurely working, eating dinner, talking on the phones. Alot more laid back than I pictured.

Riley's most favorite part was the goody bag he got when the tour was over. There was a plastic slinky in it with NBC5 printed on it. He was in heaven. He said it is his most favorite toy ever and that was the best night ever.

The slinky has since disappeared and been long forgotten.