Friday, September 10, 2010

First Days of School

Riley's first day of second grade wasn't quite as monumental as past first days. First off, I slept through the morning, so I didn't get to see him before he left. Pretty sure it was much needed sleep considering that Juliet was only 11 days old, but nonetheless, hate that I missed that. And since I still wasn't ok to drive with all the pain medication I was on, Carey took him that morning. Carey dropped him off at school and he walked in all by himself. The line to check in at the office was just too long, and well Carey is big into independence (which is great because I am not) and not so big into waiting in lines. He thought he would be just fine going in alone. Riley confirmed this when Carey asked him one time too many "are you sure?" and his response was "I said yes Daddy!"

So, we posed for the first day picture when we went to pick up Riley that afternoon. He didn't have the best of first days in his class. Let's just say that he is now very familiar with the rule that you do not talk during lesson time. But, three weeks into it and he likes his class and his teacher and I haven't heard him complain once about school (except for when it is homework time, but nobody likes that ... including me).

Victoria's first day of preschool went fantastic! She goes to the Wee School up at our church two days a week. She is alot like her brother in that I can't get a word out of her as far as what she does at school or how her day went. **sigh**

Juliet and I celebrated our first day together just the two of us with some laundry and a nap ... it was great!!