Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We Are Back!!

We are back into the land of high-speed internet! It was a difficult time without our beloved high-speed, but we managed to get through it as a family. We are back to enjoying the everyday joys of high-speed.

But most importantly ... we are officially moved into our new house and are just loving it! The kids and I played hide and seek this afternoon and we all had a difficult time seeking each other ... lots and lots of hiding places around here. We have painted the upstairs ... our bedroom is Pecan something (light brown with a bit of red), Victoria's room is a beautiful Thimbleberry Blossom (purple), and Riley's room is New Brick (red). My favorite by far is Victoria's room ... it just looks so girly purple ... LOVE IT!! We are in the process of hanging pictures on the walls (I just can't stand blank walls ... love to be surrounded by pictures and scripture!!) and are still in need of some office furniture and something to put the TV on in the living room, but besides that, it is really starting to feel like home! The stairs are something else though. I was so sore that first week ... it was so hard to get out of bed. The way Victoria was walking one night, I think that she was sore too. We put a baby gate at the bottom of the stair, but haven't put on at the top as of yet. So she gets down the stairs at times without us knowing. She does it pretty well. I will have to get a video of it and post it. It is a belly slide ... too cute!

The day we signed our papers on the house, we went to our empty house
and the ice cream truck came by ... couldn't pass that up!

Ready for move-in day after a hearty breakfast at IHOP on the 4th!

Keeping cool in Uncle Kevin's shades.

Sitting together in Victoria's room ... don't you just love the girly purple walls?!

Everybody enjoying books before bedtime in Riley's room in the new big boy bed!

Victoria is now 16 months old. She is the best sleeper ever! Goes down without a fuss every time. The other day she had her blanket and star dolly and just stood by her crib at nap time waiting for me to pick her up and put her in. She is just now getting used to the idea of eating table food. She loves her meat (beef, pork, chicken). Her favorite is bacon ... just like Daddy! She self-weened the other day. I went to nurse her and she shook her head no ... pretty loud and clear for me! That is definitely her style. She is a nodder. She will nod her head yes and no to whatever you ask .... diaper change, snack, juice, bath, all done. Makes communication alot easier. She tries to say just a few words (car, ball, bye-bye, Gigi, Pops, Riley, Daddy, Christy (our dog), TV, hi, hello when she is playing phone). Notice that Mommy is not on the list. She said it as her first word, but no peep of it since. You ask her where Mommy is and it doesn't even register. Oh well. She is a smart girl ... so she may just be messing with me. Wouldn't put it past her ... she is her father's daughter!

She is just so gorgeous!

Victoria reading her most favorite book ... The Very Hungry Caterpillar. She likes to put her fingers in the holes in the pages.

Our all-around baby girl ... loves to wear pretty dresses and play with trucks!

Eating waffles with Riley for breakfast. Finally something else besides apple cinnamon oatmeal.

Riley is halfway through age 5 and starts kindergarten in just about a month. It just makes my heart hurt. But he is ready! He loved going to Pre-K. The school is about a mile from the house and is brand new. I still don't know what Victoria and I are going to do without him around during the day. He is so much fun and loves to play with Victoria. He still loves animals, Indian Jones, legos (actual and on the computer games), Veggie Tales. His room is gigantic (15 feet by 15 feet) so he has a ton of room to play. He spends alot of time playing in his room with all his toys.

Isn't he just adorable?!

Swimming with Daddy at Pops and Gigis. Riley jumped
off the diving board this day ... very big deal!

I will have some more pictures of the house for the next post, so stayed tuned! Here are some pixs from Father's Day. I have been so blessed with some of God's greatest men in my family. They take care of me, my kids and my mom ... and seem to enjoy it (most of the time)! I love them all so dearly!

Father's Day with the fam.

Carey with the kids on Father's Day.