Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas with Three ...

... is so much fun!! We had a blast this Christmas, Juliet's first Christmas and our first Christmas with our completed family ... the five of us! So great! I do believe that Carey and I were more excited about Christmas this year than the kids ... it is just so much fun being a parent at Christmastime!

Making cookies at Pops and Gigis ... always a good time at their house!

Tuba Christmas at the Water Gardens in Fort Worth. It was cold.

Making ginger-bread houses (which is alot harder than it looks).

Christmas Eve - Riley reading the Christmas Story (for the first time).

The girls listening to Riley read and eating Chinese Food ... yummm!

Ready to open the first gift on Christmas Eve - new PJs!

In our new PJs and ready to open one more present on Christmas Eve.

I love this picture!

Then it was off to bed and time to work. Carey and I spent the next 4 hours assembling, setting up, and trying out. We had to make sure that the Rock Band worked on Wii. Not sure we had to play that many songs, but it was just so much fun!!

Christmas morning.

Riley opening his Nintendo DS. Very excited!

Victoria opening her Buzz Lightyear. Very excited!

So we find ourselves getting smarter over the years ... what you buy for one, you buy for the other!

And then we finally let the kids have a turn at Rock Band.

And it was such a special treat this year to have the computer setup so that Grandma and Grandpa could watch it all on Christmas morning. It was a blast!

We had such a great time the week after Christmas spending time with family, old friends and new friends. And then there was the sleeping in till 9:00 or 10:00, playing rock band for hours on end, putting together the many Lego sets, and eating and eating and eating ....