Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Victoria Jean is One!

It is so hard to believe that just one year ago, Carey and I were shocked when the doctor exclaimed, “It’s a Girl!” We just assumed that it was going to be a boy. We didn’t really even give a whole lot of thought to our girl name. But isn’t it just a beautiful name for a beautiful girl … Victoria Jean. What a wonderful double surprise … surprise you are pregnant … surprise it’s a girl! I can honestly say that this past year has flown by. I know that everybody says that, but I have experienced a first year that did not fly by. Riley’s first year crawled slowly by. Between him being sick every other week, not sleeping through the night until he was 12 months old, me trying to work with only 4-5 hours of sleep … well, let’s just say we all barely survived. But Victoria’s first year has just been the opposite. She started sleeping through the night at 3 months, she has been sick quite a bit, but not to the degree that poor little Riley was, and I have had the luxury of not having to work outside of the home for a year now (LOVE IT … wouldn’t have it any other way).
So at one year, Victoria is just a beaming beauty. She smiles most of the time and we all try to get her giggling. She can be demanding, but the pure joy on her face when she gets what she wants is just wonderful! She sleeps like a dream, except when teething. This strange little darling has the two teeth on the bottom and has her first year molars on top and is in the process of cutting her front teeth on top (just the right ones, not the left ones yet) … weird. Trying to console a one year old that is cutting molars at 2AM is nearly impossible … I resorted to cookies, a lot of cookies. Whatever works. We are still holding out hope that she will have the Lemons naturally curly hair. There appears to be some curling action, but it could be just wishful thinking. We will have to see what the next year brings.
She is currently cruising around all the furniture. She stood for about 10 seconds the other day, but still does not have the balance to do any walking. She is a terror with her walking toy and Riley’s stool. It isn’t a pretty walk, but it works for her. Her most favorite toy right now is the Little Tikes bubble car that we push her around the house in for what seems like endless hours. She is not into trying new foods in the high chair. She would rather mooch off whatever you are snacking on when sitting at the couch and she is cruising around … The Great Moocher.
Anyway, here is her loves and “no likes,” as Riley used to call them:
Loves: Her family, broccoli, taking baths, being outside, going bye-bye, Star Dolly (her little stuffed doll), music of any kind (she already bobs up and down), chocolate, throwing away her dirty diapers, taking medicine (weird, huh?), having her picture taken (happens a lot), having her teeth brushed (she just giggles and giggles), wrestling with Riley (she usually starts it), watching Daddy play the Wii, and Fritos (yes the corn chip).
No Likes: Getting out of the bath, waiting on her food, milk, riding in the car, not getting to play with Riley’s toys, being ignored, when others sit on her couch, and wearing hats.
We can’t imagine our lives without her. She is pure joy all wrapped up in 21 pounds and 2 ½ feet. She is spoiled with love and affection all the time. She is also just spoiled … currently owning approximately 60 outfits in her spring/summer wardrobe (yes I counted). In addition, she has 3 swimsuits, 16 hair bows, 2 purses, 10 pairs of pajamas, and 6 pairs of shoes. So I have to purposely avoid the children’s clothing departments and stores for the next few months.
One of these days I will put her birth story as a link on here, along with Riley’s, for your reading enjoyment. I am currently having Carey update the blog for me since I don’t have high-speed internet access. I will not suffer him the tasks of doing much more than that. He does have a day job and everything.
We had a huge cluster celebration of Easter, Victoria’s birthday and Pops and Gigi’s (my parents) 40th anniversary. So here are some pictures from all of that.