Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Update on the Kiddos

The kids are doing wonderful. We have been well for the most part this last month. Riley is just having a blast at school, still. He also loves the new church we have been visiting in Saginaw. They have Children's Worship, which is perfect for him. He calls it "The Fun Church." He even made up a song about it. He makes up a song for just about everything. Too cute!
Victoria has eight teeth now and is trying her best to eat everything in sight (whether it is food or not!). She is also trying her best to walk. She can do it, but doesn't have the confidence as of yet. She is slowing learning to say everyone's name. She is still calling almost everyone Gigi, except for Riley ... she definitely has that one down.

They play so well together, so far.

Victoria loves to get up in there and play.

She also loves to sit at Riley's desk and take down all of his books!

Me with straight hair! Weird, huh?!

On our way to church ... just too cute and handsome not to pass up taking a picture! Riley loves to dress up like Daddy. Victoria did have a bow in her hair ... not sure where that one went.

Our New Home is Coming Along

We are about one month into the construction of our new home in Saginaw. We are hoping to have shingles, brick and the electrical, plumbing and hvac in and ready for sheetrock by next week. We are all so very excited!


Just wanted to let everyone know that Carey passed the Bar!! Yahoo, Praise God! Thank you to everyone that prayed for us and provided us with support over these past three years and especially over these past few months. What a huge accomplishment for Carey. We are so very proud of him!