Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Little Texans

We met up at the stockyards with a good friend of ours that has this amazing talent and passion for photography. Even though little Miss Victoria had fever, she was able to capture this incredible picture of my babes. Isn't it just precious?! Somehow Riley's hair did not get combed before we left the house, so he has a bit of the bed-head-do. Oh well.

Thank you Nicole! Check out more on her blog Our Little Feet

And check out her website too Little Feet Designs Photography She is so very talented, wonderful to work with, loves kids, takes amazing pictures and is SO reasonably priced.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Room Mom 101

So I did my first official duty as Room Mom. Last Friday was Riley's teacher's birthday. The ISD only allows three parties a year, so this wasn't an official party ... "an opportunity for the children to wish Mrs. B a happy birthday all together" was how I put it in the parent note home. Anyway, we collected over $100 and were able to buy her alot of toys and games for the room. This is her first year to teach, so she hasn't built up her stash yet. We got Legos, Magna Doodles, book, games, Mr. Potato Head ... stuff like that. We let the kids open the gifts, which went over very well. Each child gave her the birthday card they made and had their picture taken with her. We sang Happy Birthday and had mini-cupcakes.

Not bad considering that Victoria had 102 degree fever, mine was about 100 and we were both on antibiotic. I had just taken Hydro codeine for my severe throat and ear pain, so I was a bit doped up. And on top of that, Mrs. B had just gotten back from the doc and she had bronchitis. She didn't want to miss her party, so she stuck around for it. What a trooper! And then, to make matters so much better (said with a hint of sarcasm), I brought balloons. Yes, the Rookie Room Mom brought in latex helium balloons. Well, for those of you not in the "know," those are a big no-no in the elementary school world. Latex allergies. Totally understand. But this did cause the party to end on a bad note ... which was totally a bummer. Oh well ... live and learn.

So, what did I learn from my first experience as a Room Mom ...

1. Latex balloons are a no-no.
2. Do not use the word "party" at any other time in an elementary school except at the deemed party times of the year ... also a big no-no, along with plates that read "Happy Birthday" ... it is enough to make you want to run screaming from the building pulling all your hair out, no?!
3. Hydro codeine can fix almost anything that ails you.
4. Mrs. B is totally my kind of people!
5. Even if things don't go as well as you had hoped, just make sure that you have a Christ-like attitude and demeanor and know that without a doubt that the Lord will take care of all the fall-out.
6. Next time ... D-E-L-E-G-A-T-E.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Thompson Medical Ward (Part 2)

So here are the sickies:

According to the doc, they both have coxsackie virus, but with differing symptoms. Riley has very high fever (still has it now on day 6) and Victoria has blisters on her throat. On top of that, they both have secondary infections. Riley has an upper respiratory infection with a very wet cough and Victoria has a sinus infection. I am somewhat relieved to know what they have, but it is still no fun at the Thompsons.

They have been trained well ... always a smile when the camera is on them.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Thompson Medical Ward

Nurse Kim here. It started Saturday evening with Riley having fever and a bit of an upset stomach. So I diagnosed it as just a stomach flu. I was also using one of those ear thermometers that happened to be broken. I would take my temp with it and it would read 94.6 (my normal is 97.1) and then take Riley's and it would read 98.5. Do the math and I figured he had about 100-101 temp. Well, he seemed alot hotter than that. I mean even his toes were hot. I was able to scoot out Monday late afternoon to get to the store and buy a new thermometer. It reads 103.9 ... ok in total freak-out mode now! That is crazy. Of course it is 6PM, so I can't call the doc. I send Carey to the computer to see what we should do and call my mom. Well, we just sit tight until the morning and try to keep him cool and doped up.

Go to the doctor ... maybe strep, maybe something else, not sure. URGH!!! But at least I walked away with some drugs. Started the antibiotic yesterday, little guy has 101.6 right now and is sleeping ... those antibiotics can start working any moment now.

Most of the morning, Miss Victoria has been a bit off. I thought it was because I was vacuuming (see earlier post), but once I finished I picked her up and she just went limp in my arms and was burning up .... 102.6. DOUBLE URGH!!

So now I have two columns to my sick notebook for each kiddo to keep up with the Tylenol/Advil regiment, antibiotic and decongestant and the fever numbers. I am pushing fluids like crazy.

I am a total basket case. Seriously, my mind goes to mush when my kids are sick. I am ready for some normalcy back in our home.

Gotta go ... hear Victoria crying. More later.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tractors and Tutus

Loves the tractor drivin'.

Tolerates the tutu wearing.

One of our dearest friends made this tutu for Victoria. I finally got her to put it on. I told her how beautiful she was and just fussed over her. Well, it lasted about thirty seconds, then off with the tutu. I am hoping she will warm up more to it so that she will wear it on Halloween as a Ballerina. So excited!

Thanks for the tutu Kippy!