Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Fun

So here is a glimpse of our summer so far ...

Swimming lessons at the Aquatic Center.

He is working SO hard.

Learning to mow with Daddy.


Riley singing to Jesus.

Riley with his school and church buds.

Lazy afternoon playing the Wii (Victoria isn't really playing).

Laying on the steps ... seemed fun at the time.

Ready for bed ... complete with goggles.

Riley: "Mom ... I need a pencil, paper and tape."
Shortly after, I discovered this sign posted on his door.
"Don't Come in Here. Stop"
I do believe that Riley had enough of little sis messing up his room.

At the Frank Buck Zoo. Really great zoo if you don't mind the drive to Gainesville.

Playing at the park with friends from church.

Swimmin' at Pops and Gigis.

I believe that this is Riley frozen in carbonite (think Han Solo, Empire Strikes Back).

After a long day swimmin', she fell asleep ... with her fingers in her ears.

Progress on our summer reading chart. We started off slow, but are finally picking up momentum.

And then there are the two teeth that Riley pulled himself within 24 hours of each other. So brave. He's just growing up so fast. Victoria pretty much just follows Riley around the house all day. They get along fairly well. I break-up at least a half dozen arguments/fights/tiffs/disagreements a day. BUT, they bounce back so quickly and are all hugs and kisses and each other's best friend the next second.

And I have had some fun too. A Girls Night Out, Pampered Chef Party, Purse Party and we finally bought some new flooring! YAY! Hoping to install flooring on July 4th weekend. It is amazing what the Thompson family can do to brand-new carpet in the course of just one year. It's actually pretty gross.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation and the Last Day of School

Well, it was actually a "Kindergarten Completion Ceremony." It is against school district policy to have a graduation. Ridiculous.

Getting his certificate from the principal.

So proud. Ditched the tie and jacket already.

With his teacher Mrs. Bush. Isn't she just adorable?

We were so proud of ourselves for getting there early to get a good seat. But then they marched the kiddos in and Mrs. Bush's class was on the back row. Alright. Can't see Riley at all. That's ok. I will just take the camcorder and go up front and record the little program they have prepared. So, there I am recording the first song. Oh it is just so cute. Clap, clap, clap. The song is over. Then I press pause on the camcorder. Sigh. Nope, I just pressed record. Yep, didn't get a single second of the song. Just the applause at the end. I did get the second song, but it just wasn't quite as cute as the first. I went back to my seat and told the family that I forgot to press record. Right then and there I do believe that my parents contemplated disowning me. I managed to talk Mrs. Bush into doing an encore performance during the party on the last day of school. Phew.

But can I just say, he looked so handsome in his shirt, coat and tie. He was so excited to wear it. He told me the day before that he wanted to wear a tie to school everyday (so cute, he loves to get all dressed up). Not a good idea Little Man. Let's try to do what we can to avoid the bully bulls eye. We will just stick with a shirt and tie to church for now.

Riley eating breakfast on his last day of school.

The Last Day of School.

The First Day of School.

He did change a bit during the year. Less teeth, a bit taller, bigger feet, more confident of himself. And Victoria looks SO different. And our bushes in the front really grew!

The last day of school has mixed emotions for me. I was totally against this whole going to kindergarten thing from the beginning. And when I say from the beginning, I mean since January 27th, 2003 beginning. Seriously, I vividly remember sitting in that there hospital bed holding him and thinking and being totally against him going to kindergarten. But, I let him go anyway.

So glad I did. He LOVES school. Totally loves it! He gets so excited about being able to read. He is proud everyday that he comes home with a green star. He is just totally disappointed in himself when he has changed his card and there is no green star in his folder. We had one time there that he had to change his card three days in a row. That was a hard time for him. However, one of those times, he was sticking up for a friend that was getting picked on, so that doesn't count. So proud of him that day. In fact, we told him to never be afraid of breaking the rules to stick up for a friend.

His favorite this is free choice centers. He gets to play LEGOs with his buds and I guess that is just the best thing ever! He loves computer, music, art, library ... all of it. Well, except for PE. He tells me that they run in PE. I am with you on that one bud. I used to say that you will only see me running if someone is chasing me. I now go with my brother's line. Actually, I would just lay down and play dead instead. Kim don't run. It hurts.

He did so well academically this year too. He was able to complete all the goals except knowing his home address. He is reading at a 1st grade level. I am super proud of that considering that it took awhile for it all to click with him. Hoping to keep that up this summer. They journaled during the year, so he brought home his spiral journal with pages and pages filled with pictures and captions. It is just the most precious thing I have ever seen. I have cube filled to the brim with all his papers he brought home. I may just throw all those out and just keep the journal.

Mrs. Bush also made a memory book that is just the cutest with pictures from the first week of school and the last week. She also made a slide-show of the kids and we each got a copy. She is just the BEST. Went so way and beyond for the kids and parents. I could go on and on about her. The Lord definitely answered my prayer for Riley's first teacher and then some. She has been such a blessing to Riley and me. This was my first year to have a child in school and be a room mom. She made it an enjoyable year. I love her sincerity, integrity and love for each one of those kids. We will miss her. Hopefully Victoria will get her in 3 years. Wow, just 3 years. Oh man. My heart is breaking all over again.

And now he is moving on to 1st grade soon ... the big time, big stuff, the real deal. No cutesy, woutsy kindergarten stuff. Sigh.