Monday, February 23, 2009

Nothing Much Goin' on Here

We have been sick with the flu (or as Riley calls it, the "flutes"). I think that we are all in the clear, except that Carey and I are dealing with a bit of the aftermath still. Urgh.

Besides that I have nothing to report. Absolutely nothing is going on 'round here.

Not one thing.





So, here are some pictures of the kids, because well, they are just so darn cute.

Victoria reorganizing the lower shelf of the fridge door.
What can I say ... it is in her genes.

I can only assume that Riley instructed Victoria on the
proper way to clean your ice cream bowl.

I guess Victoria had enough of the dirty dishes one day
last week when I was sick. She took it upon herself to take
care of them. Bless you child.


A six-year old's room.

Yes, there is a difference between a five-year old's room and a six year old's room. Notice that the walls are blue ("Red is so NOT my favorite color anymore"), the comforter is void of any cute transportation equipment and there are knobs on the furniture as opposed to the little train pulls that were just so adorable and a must-have 3 short years ago.


However, we have seen little difference between an actual five year old and a six year old. As you can see from the above picture, he is still just a little ham that is as silly as ever.

He is so much fun! They both are!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Am So Giddy!

Free Preview of FOX News on Dish Network!!! Whoo-Hoo!!!!

I am so giddy! I can't take my eyes off of it! I have been so news deprived ever since we moved into our new house and was not able to hear the news from the perspective that I will only hear it from ... FOX.

I have no idea how long the free preview lasts, but I will not dwell on that now. Now is the time to enjoy.

I watched Huckabee last night. Did you know that he has his own show?! Totally awesomeness! I will say it again as I have been saying it all along ... that man is one of the few in politics that has original thought and can communicate it with ease. I am one of his biggest fans! Last night's show made me laugh (his acronym for the stimulus plan was hilarious), made me cry (Steven Curtis Chapman was on), made me think ... that's good stuff man.

Ok, enough blogging, back to watching FOX News.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

He SO Should Have Won

So, the note home read something like make a Valentine box, turn it in by Wednesday, we will pass out Valentine's that the kids make and there will be a contest for the best box.

What?! A contest. Ok, we are so there!!

So my creative wheels started turning ... very slowly. I am so not creative. Totally left-brained here. The right side of my brain doesn't work too often. That is probably why my scrapbooks look the way they do. Very orderly, very similar from page to page, not a whole lot of embellishments - it stresses me out. Anyway, after a few days of trying to come up with something, I enlisted a bit of help.

First I went to my right-brained counterpart ... Carey. He was a big help, let me tell you.

"Just get a shoe box and cut a hole in it."

That's it. Did I mention that he is into short-cuts too?

So Lame. How is that gonna win some contest?

So then I enlisted my trusty Internet. Typed in "Valentine Box Ideas" and found a shoe box that had been transformed into a Lion. So cute! Perfect for my animal lovin' guy!

But, I didn't want to totally steal the idea. So we made a monkey instead.

I mean how cute is that?! Totally fits his personality. He is even making the monkey sounds in the first picture.

He SO should have won.

I mean, I saw the other boxes. Very cute, very well done, but none compared to a shoe box converted into a jungle animal adorned with hearts. Plus, I cut out all those parts and painted the box in between cleaning up after Little Miss who had a stomach bug ... with a high fever ... for three days.

The big winner ... a box covered in a certain superhero paper (I will leave out the details to protect the young man). Hello. People. Come on. I guess five year olds just can't see creative genius when it is staring them right in the face with a cute monkey Valentine-like grin.

The girl box winner was covered in High School Musical. I dare not knock that, because I am a HUGE High School Musical fan and that is probably how I would have covered my box. Kudos to you little Kindergarten girl who has impeccable taste.

Fortunately, Riley was oblivious to the whole contest thing. He was out of school sick on Friday morning, so he wasn't even there for the judging and subsequent announcing of the winners. The only reason I knew was because one of the other kids in his class was giving me the scoop on it all during the Valentine Party that afternoon. He was very disappointed that he didn't win. I saw his box. Sorry bud, but you didn't stand a chance.

So, the lesson. Let Riley pick out how he wants to cover his box because only a 5 year old can predict what other five year olds will find cool.

And I can't wait until Tuesday when HSM3 comes out on video. So cool! I haven't seen it yet. I could never convince anyone to go with me to the theater and see it, which I have no idea why. I just know it will be great!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You will be the Flower Girl ... and you will like it!

So, little bro is getting married this summer and little Miss is going to be the flower girl. This past Saturday, we met Gigi and LB's fiancee K at David's Bridal to try on some dresses.

As you can tell from this picture, she wasn't as excited
about this outing as much as we were.

"Only two dresses Baby Girl. Let's try on just two. Then we will go get a snack. Some fruit snacks, chocolate, a cookie, chips ... anything you want."

She reluctantly put it on ... meaning I put it on over her head all the while she is screaming bloody-murder and I am trying to keep her from ripping the dress to shreds. You would be amazed at the strength that can be packed in to a girl of only 30 pounds and 35 inches! As we attempted to walk out of the dressing room, she held on to me for dear life and would not let go. She frowned in utter disapproval of the whole process. The only time she even perked up was when I said "Let's go take this off."

Run, run to the dressing room.

Then the other dress. All over again.

It didn't really bother me at all. I laughed the whole time ... which probably aggravated Little Miss even more. Oh well. You pick your battles and this was one I picked to win!

So, we decided on dress number 1 and then we put it on again and added the yellow sash and Gigi covertly placed a ribbon comb in her hair.

Gigi wasn't fast enough with the camera to catch this
one on camera, but take a look at that hair.

Mine not hers.

I was having such a good hair day. Those are few and far between lately since I am in the process of growing it out a bit. Still recovering from the $45 haircut that only took 10 minutes to whack off all my curly curls to only be left with a couple of inches of wavy non-styleable ick. Saginaw friends - never, never get your hair cut at the salon next door to Great Clips on Blue Mound road. In fact, one month later (once my hair had a chance to lay down and grow a bit) I went to that Great Clips and only paid $8 (had a coupon) and they fixed it for me. "Ahhhh, much better" were my exact words that day. Bless that hair cuttin' lady there.

Anyway, back to the dress. Loved the dress with the straps because Little Miss inherited hubby's beautiful dark skin color and not the Lemons (or rather Garner) pasty whiteness. So, by August, she should be a beautiful golden brown. This happens even with layers and layers of sunscreen.

Must be nice.

But, the white straps will look so great with her skin color.

So, Riley will be walking with Victoria down the isle wearing a tux. Carey will also be wearing a tux as he ushers. So, the question I know is on everyone's mind, at least it has been on mine ... What will Kim wear?

I have no earthly idea. I have approximately 171 days ... well really only 166 if you take into account travel time to Colorado ... to find a dress and shoes and probably a purse too. Oh and earrings.

But, on more pressing matters ... I only have approximately 46 days to find something for both of us to wear to older bro's wedding next month! Those crazy-in-love kids have moved the date up a bit and we are on the clock to find a dress and shoes for Little Miss and a dress and shoes and accessories for me.

And no all you boys out there ... I cannot wear the same thing to both weddings. I was raised better than that.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bad Mommy

There are a few things that I need or rather want to get done this morning. So, Victoria has spent her morning eating cereal bars (only 2), drinking juice and watching a bit of TV (her favorite is Cars). I feel like a Bad Mommy today, but we have been go, go, go all week and I need a day to catch up on things. But isn't this picture just so cute with her little belly sticky out and just chillin' on the couch?! I think that she has taken a few pointers on this from her Daddy.

Yeah, yeah, I know .. pacifier. Maybe next week.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Love It to Pieces

LOVE LOVE. Here are some things that I just love to pieces:

1. My No. 7 Boots make-up from Target

There are some things in life that you need to feel free to splurge on. One of those things is make-up. But really, this make-up isn't too expensive. I stocked up on it a few years ago and spent only $100 for everything. Not too bad. Anywho, it is super easy to pick out your color ... either fair, medium or dark. I am obviously fair. It feels good on. Not too cakey ... just light but good coverage. Just real nice stuff. Love it to pieces.

2. My van

I really wish I could be like the cool people and not drive a mini-van but one of those cool SUV type vehicles. But I am in my thirties now. Cool is not on my radar ... practicality is. So I drive a 2006 Pontiac van-a-something.

How great is it to push a button and the door opens ready for loading of my peeps and stuff ... SO GREAT.

How great is it to be able to load one of those infant bucket car seats with ease while standing on my own two feet ... SO GREAT.

How great is it to get in the backseat without climbing over seats and disrupting the car seat-dom that is my backseat ... SO GREAT.

It has the DVD player built in, which most vehicles have, that is operating most of the time for the little Miss that just cannot stand being strapped in for more than 2 minutes.

And, just think ... it will all be paid for in just 3 and a half more years ... sigh. Anyway, love it to pieces.

3. My wipes warmer

But not because I warm the store-bought wipes. Little Miss is a bit sensitive when it comes to her skin (a curse, I mean trait she inherited from me). I came to that realization at her one month check-up when her doctor told me that she had a diaper rash and I replied ...

"You mean that newborn bottoms aren't supposed to be red like that?"

Sigh ... such an idiot.

Anywho, from that point forward, no store bought wipe would touch her tushy on a regular basis, sensitive or regular. It would be only wet washcloths ... warmed to a comfortable temperature in the wipes warmer. Some people add a little baby soap and baby oil. I just add water to the folded in half washcloths and use them that way. Too nervous to add anything to them ... it might cause another rash. I do use the store-bought for out and about, but we are not out too long for the most part, so they get used few and far between. Plus, her little bummer ALWAYS at ALL times has a protective layer of the best diaper cream in the world on it.

Which brings me to my next item ...

4. Triple Paste diaper cream

One of my GFs introduced me to this product after little Miss had come down with another wonderfully blistering diaper rash. It is very expensive and I make a special trip to CVS for it. But the $20 a month investment in a tub of it keeps her sweet little precious fanny rash free at all times. Since I have started using it about 6 months ago ... no rashes (well except for this past week while she has been antibiotics).

And, it is just a good idea to always have diaper cream on our babies' fannies. I don't feel so bad now for my ridiculous comment about her bummer that I made when she was 1 month old to the dreamy Doc Jones (always have had a crush on the pediatrician, even when he was my doc), because now I get kudos when I take her in for her check-ups.

"Love to see parents that keep diaper cream on their kids. Wish more would do that."

Score one for The Mom! Go Kim. Go Kim. It is nice to be ahead of the class for once.

I digress. Love Triple Paste to pieces.

5. Diet Dr Pepper

All the taste of Dr. Pepper, but without the calories. Love it to pieces.

6. My Summer video baby monitor

Got this as a gift from Gigi and Pops right before little Miss was born. The camera hangs above her bed and I can see and hear all the goings on in her crib. Made the transition to crib in room at 3 months old sooooo much easier. A bit of an investment, but so worth it. Love it to pieces.

7. Kohl's

Got my Kohl's card ... get the coupons. Shop for everyone and don't pay as much. The selection is a bit overwhelming, but if I organize my list and only shop for the items we need, then it tames it down a bit. Love the clearance racks the best. Mom always taught me to shop there FIRST! Love it to pieces.

Not as much as Mervyn's, but we just won't go there today ... ok.

8. The Gosselins and the Duggars

I don't miss an episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight or 17 Kids and Counting. Why? First, because they are fellow believers. I will always support my fellow believers who have an opportunity to share Christ to the world by any means that the Lord gives them. Second, they are just so fascinating. I never pretend to be in their shoes. I wouldn't dare. I cannot imagine. I do enjoy their families and their pursuit to raise their children in Christian homes in our current perverse and depraved world. They have strong convictions, which is so refreshing, and such order to their lives admist all the chaos. Besides, it is just fun to watch. Love them to pieces.

9. My DVR

Thank you thank you very smart nerdy computer TV inventive people. This is the only way I would get to watch any TV at all. Now, I am not a huge TV watcher. Carey and I only have a handful of shows we watch. The two mentioned previous (however, for the record, Carey does not under any circumstance watch those two shows), The Unit, Army Wives (Carey doesn't watch this one either), House, NCIS, Chuck, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Heroes, Smallville, Monk, Psych, Battlestar Galactica, Burn Notice ... I think that is it. Seems like alot, but the seasons are so scattered, that we might watch 3 or 4 of these a week. Not too much wasted time.

But even less wasted time with the DVR. No commercials, can pause and rewind with ease, can watch anytime ... later that evening, the next morning, the middle of the night. Plus it will hold all the Veggie Tales, Star Wars Clone Wars and Diego cartoons that you want. Love it to pieces.

Oh, and Lost.

And Law & Order: Criminal Intent, too.

10. My fuzzy slippers

I don't like to wear shoes, but I am not a fan of bare feet (except for in the summer of course). So, I wear my $6 fuzzy slippers from Wal-mart at all times while at home and even in the car if I know that I will not be getting out (like when I take Riley to and from school or for the occasional Sonic run with Victoria). Right now they are green, because my other ones died during December. I replaced with a festive color. They typically last about 4 months and then fall apart due to multiple washes in the washing machine. Love them to pieces.