Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Secret, a Trip, a Wedding and a Birthday

Shortly after the new year in 2011, we loaded up once again and set out for Traverse City, Michigan. Carey's brother Craig was to wed their step-sister Mandy. We were super excited!! We also were going to be able to celebrate Riley's 9th birthday there and announce our news about a new addition to our family come July.

So we decided to tell the kids on our way up to Michigan. We were at Braum's on that first day and told Riley that we were going to have another baby. He didn't believe us. "You're kidding, right?" were his exact words. Need less to say, he was very excited about another brother or sister, but was leaning more towards a brother.

The kids had a blast at Craig and Mandy's wedding! They danced and danced and danced. It was so fun to watch. It was also so wonderful to get to see Carey's family and have them enjoy the evening with the kids.

The kids got some time in to ski a bit while we were there. Victoria did ski school and had a good time while Carey, Riley and Corbin took to the slopes. Juliet and I just laid low at the house.

We also got to celebrate Riley's 9th birthday while we were there. This is a rare occasion to be with Carey's family on one of the kids' birthdays.

 After we got back from our trip, we took Riley to Fuddruckers, his most favorite out to eat spot, with his best bud, Sage to celebrate his birthday with Pops and Gigi and family.

 Obviously very excited about his cash.

 Photo bomb courtesy of Uncle Kevin

Best Buds since 2010

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