Friday, September 30, 2011

Just the Two of Us

We were long overdue. When was the last time we had been on a trip together just the two of us?? And um ... camping trips don't count. July 1997. Hawaii. The honeymoon. That was a long time ago. So yeah, we were long overdue. We set off for Seattle Washington in September 2011. We left Riley (8), Victoria (4) and Juliet (13 months) in the more than capable hands of Pops and Gigi. Even though we left at different times and days and I arrived almost 12 hours after I left and Carey almost missed his plane (they were paging him in the airport as he was running through the corridors) we both made it there. And it was AH-MAZE-ING!!

So what did we do for our four days away from the kids ever? Whatever we wanted!! We slept late. We ate. We saw all the sites. We ate. We rode the ferry. We ate. We climbed a mountain. We ate. And we just enjoyed each other's company. Oh and Carey had to work some. Yeah, it was a working trip and I was a tag-along. The weather was beautiful. It didn't rain a drop while we were there. Our hotel was very nice. They were filming some Canadian B movie while we were there. Random, I know. We drove and drove all over to see as much as we could. It is so peaceful with the mountains and the water and the trees. Love it there.

We would like to make this a more frequent thing. Getting away just the two of us. And we can't wait to go back to Seattle. There were some things we just didn't have the time to do. Here is what we did do ...

 Waiting for the ferry ride.

Mt. Rainer. Beautiful. My favorite part of the trip. 

Pike's Place Market.

So when I look back on this trip, I see the Lord's hand. I see that He was giving us some time away for us to renew our relationship. He knew the trials that were to come and that the next year would bring drastic changes to our lives in the form of totally dependence on Him and abundant blessings, too many to count. I thank Him for this sweet time we had together to prepare us for what was to come.

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