Thursday, May 31, 2012

And God Provided

So the theme for the past year for us was "And God Provided"...

Carey needed a job change. And God Provided
We needed a place to live. And God Provided
We were having a baby and did not have maternity coverage on our health insurance. And God Provided
We don't have enough money to pay our bills. And God Provided
We don't have enough money to buy groceries and pay for gas. And God Provided

But not only did God provide, he overflowed our cup with what and how he provided. We never went without. We were prayed for by family and friends and it was felt daily. We didn't pay a dime for the birth of our baby. We were living in our dream house. It got to the point at times that we were so humbled by it all that we felt unworthy by his provisions. That is was too much. Can you believe that? Too much. Don't get me wrong. It wasn't easy. We had to keep reminding ourselves that our God was bigger than our financial difficulties. That our God was bigger than the physical difficulties of being 35, pregnant with our fourth and working. That if we let God be bigger and continue to trust him, that one day this would all be a memory, a testimony of how he refined us by fire. A friend shared this with me recently ... "God will not protect us from something that will perfect us." I can honestly say that our faith was perfected during this time. And I consider it all joy and a privilege to have walked through this time of perfecting with my God and my man.

During this time of provision, we were able to enjoy life as usual. We were very busy that Spring of 2012. Carey was still officing out of the house and Kim was working about 25 hours a week at a local CPA firm. The kids participated in scouts, soccer, basketball, AWANA, piano, dance and children's choir. Then we topped off the end of spring with their first trip to Six Flags.

Victoria playing Upward soccer. Oh how she loves it!
Her awards ceremony for soccer. Loves her trophy!
Awards ceremony for AWANA. She is now a Sparky.
Riley at his crossing over ceremony for scouts.
He is now a Webelo.
Victoria's dance recital. Mommy has been
waiting for this day for five years!
Riley's piano recital. He's got talent!
The Children's musican Jonah's Druthers.
Riley was the Sheriff. He's got talent!
The antique car ride at Six Flags. Mommy couldn't
ride this one either.
It was a hot one the day we went to Six Flags.
Juliet all sacked out and sweaty by  midday.
 And now it is just waiting time until number four arrives.

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