Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring Brings a Stink Bug, Soccer, Scouts and Singing

[Been a while, I know, gonna try to catch up]

STINK BUG: When the note came home from asking the kids to indicate which part they wanted in the school play, Riley immediately said "Either the Stink Bug or the Maggot."  Well, after seeing the play from beginning to end, I know exactly why those were his choices ... comic relief. Riley LOVES to make people laugh. When you laugh at anything he does, his heart just swells. That is his love language. I am pretty sure the love language of laughing is not in that book (The Five Love Languages), but I know my boy and that is his.

So, he got the part of the Stink Bug. Here he is in his costume. Cheapest costume I have ever made.

Green Shirt - Goodwill $1.50
Green Hair Spray - Walmart $1.25
Green Face Paint - Dollar Tree $1.00

 He was very pleased with how he looked.

In case you were wondering, the Stink Bug would stand in the bug crowd during the songs and then run across the stage between songs, while everyone held their nose and made smelly, stinky faces. This was funny. Riley really hammed it up. Then towards the end of the play, he had a bit of dialog in which he commented on the fact that leaving him out of the picnic just because he stinks isn't quite fair, blah, blah, blah. The point is, he was funny and people laughed ... and he loved it!

What he didn't love was the week or so after when the kids at school would hold their nose and talk about how he stinks at school. I didn't care for that either.

SOCCER: So, we signed Victoria up for a social club, oh I mean soccer. Yes there was a ball and some goals and some running and even uniforms, but to Victoria, this was a time to meet up with friends, pick them flowers, talk about shoes and clothes, and have a snack. She had a blast! And she learned the game and even scored once ... we think.

SCOUTS: Riley has moved on to become a bear scout. He is enjoying cub scouts. And Carey is enjoying being his den leader. We took a train ride to downtown Dallas and went to the Aquarium with the den. The boys really enjoyed that. This is such a great organization. Teaching boys how to be men.

SINGING: Music is a big thing in this house. We love it. Whether singing with our voices or playing an instrument. Performing is a love of ours too. Put the two together and you have a musical ... love musicals!!! This year the Children's Choir performed Survivor Babylon. The story of the fiery furnace told with a bit of The Survivor television program twist. Lots of fun. I worked with the 3 and 4 year old's this past year. That was definitely a challenge, but it was fun ... for the most part. At least, I hope they had fun and learned about singing to God. Riley had a speaking part in this program as well. And which part did he get you ask ... well one of the boys telling a joke of course!

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